1. Zephyr Cove Singles Junior Tournament

We are excited that you will join us for the SJTA Grand Prix Tournament at Zephyr Cove Tennis Club (“ZCTC”). Here is important information:

All players' parent/guardian must sign the ZCTC waiver available online at: https://www.zctennis.com/sjta-juniors-tennis-tournament-assumption-of-risk-waiver-of-liability-and-consent-to-treat/

All players’ parent/guardian also must print, sign, and bring with them to the tournament the SJTA waiver available athttps://www.zctennis.com/sjta-documents/.

Please also review/download the other documents https://www.zctennis.com/sjta-documents/.

Because of the COVID-19 virus, please bring your own ice, water, and lunch/snacks. We will have a few prepackaged snacks available for the players.

All players and spectators must follow COVID-19 guidelines at all times: https://sierrajuniortennis.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/SJTA-COVID19-Safe-Play-Guidelines.pdf

During the tournaments, the SJTA may be taking pictures, please notify the SJTA at tennis@sierrajuniortennis.org if you DO NOT want photos of your child used for emails and brochures.

ZCTC will be taking photos of the players for display on ZCTC emails, Facebook page, and brochures. Please let Carolyn Wright (775-450-1433 or carolynwtennis@gmail.com),know if you DO NOT want photos taken of your player.

No dogs or glass are allowed at Zephyr Cove Tennis Club (Douglas County restriction).

Lawn chairs and bleacher seating is available for spectators.

For directions and parking information, go to https://www.zctennis.com/about/contact/.

Draws are available at: https://sierrajuniortennis.topdoglive.com/pages/tournaments/entrants.asp?id=751

Check in with the tournament desk at least 15 minutes prior to match time.

Defaults will be called 15 minutes after scheduled match time.

All individual matches with be one set, no-ad tennis.

We will have court monitors with name tags/ZCTC shirts to help with scoring, questions, etc.

We will have playoff semifinal and final matches at 4 pm and 5 pm respectively for all divisions except for the girls 12 & under.

Questions? Call Carolyn Wright at 775-450-1433 or carolynwtennis@gmail.com. Thank you!

Grand Prix points will be awarded to all SJTA tournament participants.

Junior Grand Prix Points Table: Players will accumulate points throughout the round-robin tournaments based on the following point chart:
• 2 points for completing two rounds in a tournament
• 2 points for each round won in the round robin
• 2 points for a BYE if the following round is won
• 2 points for a 1st round default if the following round is won (2 points will be awarded for all other default wins)

At the end of the season the winners will be awarded a prize for shopping at the Sparks Outlet Stores. Award Places - $200 1st, $100 2nd, $50 3rd. Winners awarded in Boys & Girls, in all divisions.

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775-827-8805 | tennis@sierrajuniortennis.org